National Director of Design Studios

Ashton Woods Homes

Leigh Spicher brings over 20 years of expertise to home design, serving as the National Director of Design Studios for Ashton Woods. With a deep passion for both the artistry and the business of design, Leigh has dedicated her career to creating spaces that resonate with homeowners and drive home building business.

Throughout her tenure at Ashton Woods, Leigh has played a pivotal role in shaping over 20 Design Studios, each embodying a harmonious blend of cutting-edge aesthetics and unparalleled functionality. Under her guidance, these Studios have not only garnered national recognition but, more importantly, have become special destinations where homeowners can translate their vision for home into reality.

Driven by the belief that homes are the backdrop for life's moments that matter most, Leigh infuses design with intentionality and soul. Her commitment to excellence has not only resulted in award-winning spaces but has also touched the lives of thousands of homeowners, who find joy in the homes Leigh helps create.

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